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Weed Out Self-Conceit

9 thoughts on “ Weed Out Self-Conceit

  1. The sun of the gospel which melts wax, hardens the poor clay of your hearts, and you get the more exalted in your self-conceit through everything you hear. And that is good too, is it not? very much in your favor, certainly. And then there is another thing.
  2. Nov 15,  · He grimly answers, “Take no notice, it is the mirage. There is nothing over there but the burning sand.” You can scarcely believe him, it seems so real; but lo, it is all gone, like a dream of the night. So unsubstantial is the hope which is built upon the form of godliness without the power.
  3. We've been so blessed in our church over the last months and years to have welcomed into the fellowship so many new Christians. It continues to encourage my heart day after day, week after week, to.
  4. Weed out and keep disconnected from every influence that is not wholly consecrated and sanctified. 8LtMs, Lt 22, , par. 8 It is seldom that one sin will stand alone or be restricted in the range of transgression to one precept or one prohibition of the moral law.
  5. Some people seem to take out their religion once a week to give it an airing; or, it is like a ticket taken at a station, put into the pocket until the end of the journey. Visit Versailles, near Paris; all its magnificent fountains on the week day are dry and repulsive, grass-grown, weed-covered.
  6. Sloth, self-conceit, self-will, impurity, worldly-mindedness; sins such as these, though cast off, cling like a poisoned garment to the soul. 3. Sins arising from went of self-command; the conscience informed, but the governing principle weak.
  7. Self-conceit is weakness. We are strongest, when we distrust ourselves, and are thus led to lean upon God. Emptiness is the cup into which God puts blessing. Pride leaves no room for the divine strength. But there is a danger also in self-distrust. It sometimes makes a person shrink from duty.
  8. noachite, or prussian knight You are especially charged in this Degree to be modest and humble, and not vain-glorious nor filled with self-conceit. Be not wiser in your own opinion than the Deity, nor find fault with His works, nor endeavor to improve upon what He has done.
  9. Self-conceit definition is - an exaggerated opinion of one's own qualities or abilities: vanity.

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